What is the nature of sports at this time compared to today?

The answers must be based on ONLY the months July, August, or September 1929.

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Only primary sources (at least 6) from these months & year can be used, such as sports newspapers or sports magazines

Microsoft Word – Final syllabus, spring 2015.doc

– These should include three daily newspapers (at least two from a major American city), one black newspaper, one weekly magazine, and one women’s magazine.

– About 1 page per question

– Citations must be included

  1. What is the nature of sports at this time compared to today? In this question, you should be trying to describe what sports were like during your particular month compared to today. What are some of the things in your research that strike you as different from today? What seems unique? What seems the same? How are the games being played? Do not discuss the actual coverage of particular sports – this should be saved for question 2.
  2. What is the nature of sports coverage in the print media at this time compared to today? Look at the print media in your month. How are sports covered in the print media? Which sports are covered? How are the athletes viewed? What is the print media’s attitude? What kinds of stories are present in the print media?
  3. What issues involving women in sports are significant? Look for coverage of women’s sports. What did we learn about women’s sports in your particular time period? Does your research reinforce this? How do the women’s magazines depict women? How might that affect women’s participation in sports?
  4. What racial issues are relevant? Look at the coverage of African Americans in sports. The black newspapers should be helpful here. What issues are affecting black athletes at this time?
  5. What is the effect of mass media (radio, newspapers, television) on sports?
  6. What is the nature and coverage of local, college and community-level sports? How do the local newspapers cover local and college sports? What is being discussed and covered as far as local and community-level/non-professional sports? What is important in this area? What kinds of sporting events and developments appear to be important in a smaller city (under 100,000) such as Wilmington, Reading, etc.?
  7. What national events (social context) are shaping sports at this time? Are sports being affected by any “big” events at this time (wars, economic crises, etc.)? Do the sports reporters mention any of the national events in connection with sports?

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