What do you find were the most significant reasons for the Civil War?

What do you find were the most significant reasons for the Civil War? In what ways do these reasons reflect antebellum American lives and communities?

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Omid Namdar
May 5, 2015
The Civil War was a fight between the North and South, which started from 1861
till the end of 1865. The American Civil War was one of the devastating event in history,
which caused about 700,000 lives. The war was thought to help shape the way American
individuals today. The South saw this war as a War of Rebellion or as a War for South
Freedom but for the northern side of view, the civil war was a revolution. There are
many causes that play a huge role in the Civil War but most historians believe that
slavery was the main reason of the war. The other factors that need to be considered are
social, economic, and political. There were a few hidden psychological and social factors
that served as a speed up for momentous event in the United States. The Civil War was
taken place during the first century of the Confederation and people still did not realize
that they were part of the Union. Towards Confederation, there was sense of nationalism;
people liked the problems in their own states.
By 1787, slavery has been gone from the North, but slavery was present in the
South till the revolutionary period. The Constitution and the Union were based on the
principles of freedom, liberty, and that all men were created equal. Its good to know that
slavery became a major cause, which was not resolved by the American government.
Revolutionaries wanted to have liberty all for themselves and they didnt care about the
issue of independence for the black community. This is one reason that historians believe
that revolutionaries were pro-slavery. Slavery was a primary cause and where hatred for
whites reigned supreme. After the Revolution of 1776, the hatred increased and thats
when America gained independence from the British. The revolutionary didnt care about

the cause of the slaves caused a lot of spark towards the whites and the Confederation.
Questions of slavery arise only when the Constitution was being framed.
The second most important role was state rights even though slavery was a
important cause in the Civil War. The Confederation was created with the 13 colonies and
it formed a central government. All of the 13 colonies would get the same amount of
representation in the Congress. In the central government is allowed to hamper all of the
important matters without being questioned. States were approved of limited powers but
later they were able to recover some control over the internal affairs. About half of the
population was slaving in the South during the year 1800. A few years later, thousands of
people went to the North because they had better work opportunities. America has soon
became a center of attraction for the poor and a lot of them left their countries to find
better jobs in United States.
In the Northern states, majority of the immigrants stayed while the South was
mostly an agrarian society. In the Congress, the South was left with very low
representation and if this continued, South would lose its importance. In the North, a lot
of people were being attracted because of the growth in its industries, while in the South
it was left behind and was mostly on agriculture. The North contained lots of well
educated people while South contained mostly slavery.
In the North, there was balance of power, which was against the institution of
slavery. The Civil war did not only have a fight between the whites and blacks but it was
a more struggle between the North and the South. North believed in human rights and
wanted to get rid of slavery. South was angry at the Northern states and South was losing
their power; the war became inevitable.

The Civil war will be remembered and therefore its important to study the conflict
between the South and North. Another important cause of the Civil war was the economy
in the South. The Souths source of income was farm and plantation; before the industrial
age, South was strong and the economy was going well. People from all parts of world
came to the Northern states because their industrialized economy was growing rapidly.
South needed a steady growth becasue they had lots of slaves and had to be provided with
food and shelter. Everyone has to understand that there were several political, social, and
economic issues, which gave a rise to the Civil war.
After knowing all of the causes of the Civil war, the one that felt the most
important cause was slavery. The reason it is an important cause because thats what
separated South from the North. In todays society we still see Civil war as a conflict
between South and North. These two sides were divided due to slavery and every
economic, political, and social reason simply accrue from one basic cause. Some still feel
that slavery could have been taken away without war. The Civil War was inevitable and
the South was so stubborn to protect slavery that the conflict turned into a huge violent
where thousands of people lose their lives because of this.

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