Can someone help me in completing these question regarding

Can someone help me in completing these question regarding the book war of the worlds by Niall Ferguson.

Classroom Discussion 1: Niall Ferguson, The War of the World, Introduction, Chapters 1-2

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1. What is the main thesis of Ferguson’s work and why is it innovative and controversial?

2. How and why did large-scale ethnic conflict destabilize and ultimately destroy Europe? (Be sure to discuss Ferguson’s arguments about: a. gene pools, b. diasporas, c. pales, d. memes, and e. miscegenation).

3. What role did economic volatility play in perpetuating cycles of extreme violence?

4. Why were empire-states susceptible to decay, leading to the decline of the west?

5. What does Ferguson mean by the “Fifty Years War,” and why is this concept key to his argument?

Chapter 1: Empires and Races

1. “The world of 1901 was a world of empires, but the problem was their weakness, not their strength,” Ferguson, 10). List the names of five of the weakest world empires and explain the main problems each faced. Take care to survey the entire chapter for evidence.

2. Why was Germany an area of Europe that seemed less likely to perpetrate the Holocaust than Austria or Russia?

3. For what economic reasons were Jews targeted for persecution?

4. What does Ferguson suggest about the German-Jew diaspora in Eastern Europe?

Chapter 2: Orient Express

1. Why is the war between Russia and Japan such an important launching point for Ferguson’s book? [Hint: Is this chapter more about Japan or Russia?]

2. For Russia, what were the five main consequences of the war?

3. One of the effects of the Russo-Japanese War was to reorient Russia’s imperial ventures to the

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