Wk 2 Early Childhood


The objective of this assignment is to develop an 8 to 10 informational slide presentation that highlights at least 8 important concepts about either Prenatal Development OR Infant and Toddler Development.  (Choose only 1 area for your focus.)

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  • Create an 8-10 informational slide presentation (using either Power Point or Canva (canva.com) on information from our readings and other credible sources that you believe is most important for the audience to know.  For this slide presentation I chose EARLY Childhood , what are at least 8 important points parents should know about how development evolves during this stage of the lifespan.  
  • Each slide should focus on one distinct concept, providing sufficient depth and clarity.
  • Be sure to include a cover slide and a reference slide (this is in addition to the 8-10 content/informational slide requirement)
  • Support your writing with research from at least 3 credible sources (no .com websites. Websites such as .org, .edu,  and .gov are permitted)
  • Include an APA formatted reference slide and APA formatted citations throughout your presentation.
  • Make your presentation visually engaging using graphics or images but they should enhance the presentation and not be the sole focus. 


 LifespanDevelopment.pdf (clcillinois.edu) 

 Anderson, L. M., Shinn, C., Fullilove, M. T., Scrimshaw, S. C., Fielding, J. E., Normand, J., … & Task Force on Community Preventive Services. (2003). The effectiveness of early childhood development programs: A systematic review. American journal of preventive medicine, 24(3), 32-46.  

 Manas, G. M. (2020). A study on childhood development in early stage. Scholarly Research Journal for Interdisciplinary Studies, 7(59), 13927-13938. 

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