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After reviewing the Module 2 Assignment, discuss the following:

  • State your research question and indicate the type of research that your question lends itself to (descriptive or inferential).
  • Indicate whether your study will concern itself with differences or relationships.
  • Identify and describe each of the variables (independent and dependent variables for differences or correlational variables for relationship).
  • Be sure to describe the level of measurement of each variable (nominal, ordinal, or interval).
  • State one hypothesis for your research question.

Submission Instructions:

  • Your initial post should be at least 200 words. Your initial post is worth 8 points.
  • You should respond to at least two of your peers by extending, refuting/correcting, or adding additional nuance to their post. Your reply post is worth 2 points. 
  • Refer to Module 1 Discussion for detailed instructions.

EDU 503

Research Proposal Form

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Assignment #2 Draft 1 of Research Proposal Form (Sections 2-10),

(Complete this form for Assignment #2)

Student Name:

Title of Research Proposal: Impact of Differentiated Teaching Methods with IEPs


1. Literature Preview


2. Setting Description:

Name of organization and location where action research will take place:

Miramar High School, Broward County Public School District

Detailed description of the organization:

Miramar High School, a beacon of diversity in the Broward County district, is home to several elementary, middle, and high schools. The district's open-door policy for inclusive education ensures that all students have equal access to high-quality education regardless of their abilities. The Special Education Department, with its unwavering dedication and team of specialists, is committed to developing and implementing individual education programs for students with disabilities.

Key Personnel:

· Dr. Jane Smith – Superintendent of Miramar Public School District

· Mr. John Doe – Director of Special Education

· Ms. Emily Johnson – Special Education Teacher

· Ms. Sarah Lee – Speech-Language Pathologist

· Ms. Maria Gonzalez – Occupational Therapist

· Ms. Rachel Green – Physical Therapist

· Parents and Guardians of students with disabilities

3. Problem Identified in the Literature Preview

The extreme COVID-19 pandemic has precipitated unprecedented disruption to educational services for children with disabilities requiring IEPs. Chen et al. reported that almost half of the pupils with neurodevelopmental disabilities received fewer IEP services, with significant reductions in occupational and physical therapy during the pandemic. Irelanda and Hall-Mills (2024) stressed the urgent need for strategies for SLPs to navigate the IEP process effectively while striving toward inclusive practice with educators and families. Kauffman et al. (2019) discussed the complications of including students with severe disabilities in schools as a rationale for providing a continuum of alternative placements based on individual needs. Toprak and Çolak (2024) proposed specific challenges within the IEP preparation process, such as poorly trained or inexperienced staff and parental involvement.

4. Subjects

The study will involve students with different disabilities within the Broward County Public School District and those with IEPs. Samples also include students at varying levels of schooling, from other categories of disability, and special education teachers, therapists, and parents/guardians of students whose IEP services have been reduced to ensure adequate data for the study.

5. Guiding Question

How did the reduction in IEP services during the COVID-19 pandemic affect the educational outcomes of students with disabilities in the Broward County Public School District, and what strategies can be implemented to mitigate these effects in the future?

6. Research Question

What was the impact of reduced IEP services during the COVID-19 pandemic on the academic performance and overall well-being of students with disabilities in the Broward Public School District, and what measures can be taken to ensure continuity of services in similar future disruptions?

7. The study will concern itself with group differences or relationships among variables?

The study differs on account of differences between groups and relationships among variables. Hence, this study will contrast the academic performance and well-being of students with disabilities before, during, and after the pandemic; it will look for significant differences. The relationship between the attractiveness of the reduction in certain IEP services, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy, concerning student outcomes will also be investigated.

8. Variables used & scale of measurement

· Independent Variable: Reduction in IEP services (measured by the frequency and duration of services provided before, during, and after the pandemic)

· Dependent Variables:

· Academic performance (measured by grades, standardized test scores)

· Social-emotional well-being (measured by surveys and assessments from teachers and parents)

· Frequency of compensatory education and recovery services (measured by service logs and IEP meeting records)

· Control Variables: Age, type of disability, baseline academic performance, and socio-economic status

9. Research Hypothesis

H1: The reduction in IEP services during the COVID-19 pandemic hurts the academic performance and social-emotional well-being of students with disabilities in the Broward County Public School District.

H2: Implementing targeted strategies to ensure the continuity of IEP services during disruptions can mitigate the adverse effects on students with disabilities.

10. Purpose of the Study

The study will examine how decreasing IEP services during COVID-19 affected students with disabilities within the Broward County Public School District. Measurements for the academic and socio-economic results of such students will allow the determination of precisely what's needed and what this pandemic tore apart degree things. It will also develop and recommend effective strategies for ensuring the continuity and adequacy of IEP services in case of future disruptions to support students with disabilities in improving their school experience and outcomes. The current study will contribute to the literature available on special education and inform practice for educators, policymakers, and families.


11. Design of the Study

12. Instrumentation – Dependent Measure(s)

13. Statistical Procedures

14. Definitions of Terms

15. Proposal Summary

16. References


Belinda Chen, Patrick Rasmussen, Mallory Legg, Nicole Alexander, Pooja Vedmurthy, Akua Asiedu, Mihee Bay, Harolyn Belcher, Vera Joanna Burton, Charles Conlon, Amena Fine, Ryan Gill, Eboni I. Lance, Paul Lipkin, Joyce Wong, Anna Maria Wilms Floet, Sarah C. Doerrer, Jennifer Glattfelder, Amy Kordek, … Mary L. Leppert. (2022). Reduction in school individualized education program (IEP) services during the COVID-19 pandemic. Frontiers in Rehabilitation Sciences, 3.

Irelanda, M. C., & Hall-Mills, S. (2024). Empowering Speech-Language Pathologists: Strategies for Effective Individualized Education Program Navigation and Inclusive Practice in Schools: Language, Speech & Hearing Services in Schools. Language, Speech & Hearing Services in Schools, 55(2), 225–230.

Kauffman, J. M., Travers, J. C., & Badar, J. (2019). Why Some Students with Severe Disabilities Are Not Placed in General Education. Research and Practice for Persons with Severe Disabilities, 45(1), 28–33.

Toprak, Ö. F., & Çolak, A. (2024). IEP Team Members’ Experiences On the Process Of Preparing Individualized Education Program In A Secondary School. Kuramsal Eğitim Bilim Dergisi, 17(2), 351–375.


Week 1 Dsicussion

Why is it important to review literature?

When we review literature, we're not just building a knowledge base. We're also identifying gaps in existing studies, understanding the historical context of our topic, and avoiding research duplication. This process also equips us with the latest concepts and techniques to design our studies effectively. We can better understand our field and develop research questions and hypotheses by analyzing and evaluating study data.

Why is it helpful to do an annotated bibliography of your research when putting together a research proposal?

Annotated bibliographies are a requirement for research proposals and a valuable tool for researchers. They provide a concise summary and evaluation of each source's relevance, accuracy, and quality, helping researchers organize their findings and track their literature evaluations. This process is particularly exciting as it allows me to delve deeper into the existing research and identify areas that need further exploration. Highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of previous research can guide researchers in developing robust research methodologies and avoiding pitfalls.

Describe your research setting and interests and share with the class a research idea in your discipline that interests you.

My research is not just a mere exploration but a significant endeavor in the world of Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) in a secondary school setting. The interplay of various factors on the efficacy of IEPs, especially in the context of student diversity and the growing need for personalized education, is a captivating area of study. I'm particularly keen on delving into the influence of different teaching styles on the academic performance of students with IEPs. This study holds immense potential to revolutionize the education of these students, making it research of utmost importance.

One of the most pressing research challenges in this field is the lack of clarity on the most effective instructional methods for secondary school students with IEPs. IEPs are a lifeline for children with special needs, but the lack of scientific evidence on the best teaching methods is a significant gap. By proposing a research study to address this, we are not just filling a gap but providing educators with evidence-based instructional strategies to enhance IEPs and improve student performance. This study aims to uncover the most effective pedagogical methods and provide practical guidance to educators, inspiring a new era in the field of education.

Discuss a research problem within your interest area that you would like to investigate and the purpose for proposing a study for solving this problem.

My research will examine the impact of different teaching methods on students' academic performance, with a specific focus on children with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs). Ireland & Hall-Mills (2024) emphasize the importance of effective Individualized Education Program (IEP) strategies and empowering speech-language pathologists to advocate for IEPs and foster inclusive school environments. This is directly relevant to my professional responsibilities. In addition, Toprak & Çolak (2024) investigate the experiences of IEP team members in creating IEPs, providing insights into the collaborative processes involved in program development. These articles will aid educators in understanding Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) and their associated challenges.

My goal is to contribute to the body of knowledge and enhance Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) by researching the impact of different teaching methods on student achievement. This project aims to collect data from secondary schools, examine the academic performance of students with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), and identify effective teaching strategies. This paper is essential for educators, legislators, and academics aiming to enhance special education.

Examining literature and constructing an annotated bibliography are crucial research activities that facilitate the organization and analysis of significant sources, enabling a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. The research I conducted on the impact of teaching styles on the academic achievement of children with Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) addresses a gap in the existing literature and provides educators with evidence-based recommendations. Through the examination of this research topic, my objective is to build efficacious instructional methodologies to facilitate the academic success of children with exceptional needs.


Irelanda, M. C., & Hall-Mills, S. (2024). Empowering speech-language pathologists: Strategies for effective individualized education program navigation and inclusive practice in schools: Language, speech & hearing services in schools.  Language, Speech & Hearing Services in Schools55(2), 225–230.

Ömer Faruk Toprak, & Aysun Çolak. (2024). IEP Team Members’ Experiences On the Process Of Preparing Individualized Education Program In A Secondary School.  Kuramsal Eğitim Bilim Dergisi17(2), 351–375.

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