As  you complete this program, you are about to take your place as a leader  in your community.  Leadership requires knowledge of those in power in  the community.  

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You are to find out this information and report  it here. These are the individuals who are going to impact education in  the future, and you need to network with them.  It is amazing how much a  simple letter or phone call from a constituent can impact the  decision-making process!

  • Who are the members of your local  school board?  Do you know any of these board members personally?  LinkedIn? Civic or community groups?
  • Who is your representative in your state legislature (both State House and State Senate)?
  • Who is your representative in the US Congress (both House of Representatives and Senate)?

Find two articles which will be useful in Assignment 2, and cite them at the end of your posting, using APA format.

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