class 1


Hi Class!  This activity involves creating a group movement sequence utilizing the primitive dance categories of life-span celebrations, war and weapon dances, medicine and healing dances, supernatural and religious dances. Utilize elements of dance design including formations in re-creating a primitive dance movement sequence. What would you perceive to be some of the movements that primitive dance would include? Give some specific examples! Be sure to identify, explain and describe the movement sequence you choose, and even add a video that shows examples of these types of movement! To receive full credit be sure to also reply to at least one of your classmates posting as well. Be aware of the due date and time for this discussion. 

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Please note: Discussions with video postings must either "show" the video so it can simply be "clicked on" and played (hint use the YouTube link in the HTML editor browser located above the text box). You may also choose to embed the link by "sharing" the video (hint use the unbroken chain link in the HTML editor browser located above the text box.).

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