Social Intelligence And Biology Of Leadership

 lease read the article on Social Intelligence and Biology of Leadership Download Social Intelligence and Biology of Leadership.  Then write a 4 pages paper analysis of how this topic relates to YOUR Emotional Intelligence as well as the terminology that you have studied in Chapters 1-8 of your Sparrow and Knight (2009) course textbook.  

Please be sure to address ALL 7 Social Intelligence Categories in your written analysis, relating to your EI and what you have learned in Ch1-8 of Sparrow and Knight.

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Page 1; title page; two pages of the body of writing analysis; followed by 1 reference page.  Four citings and associated 4 reference detail in your content. Please use the format for your paper that was provided to you in your student comments for M2.1 Bill Gates Paper last week.  Please be sure to include the “purpose statement” to open your paper.

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