Response To How Can The State Be Justified?


Can people be motivated to act for the common good and not simply pursue their own good? 

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Yes, people can be motivated to act for the common good and not only for their own good. To explain this I am going to describe what a common Good is, A common good is something that Everyone aims and it helps society. People can work together for a common good like security or peace. People are willing to work for a common good if they see they will also benefit from it. Normally working together would create a safer and better community. Rosseau talks about the social contract which is an agreement to follow the general will he believes that in this contract people aim to protect their person and goods. Based on the reading he mainly believes people are more willing to follow their good and while this is true people are also willing to follow a common good when the benefit and when it would generally help society if we all were to work for the common good society would become a better place to live in.

What happens when some members put their good above the common good?

When someone puts their own good above the common good they cause inequality and conflicts. This is because they are thinking only of themselves. An example of this is when there is a natural disaster we all want to get prepared and go to the store to buy what we need if we think for the common good we will get what we need or if we can we would donate to people who are not able to purchase them. Someone thinks only in their own good would buy everything without thinking about the rest this would cause conflict because now there is not enough for everyone that´s why we should work for the common good and not the personal good.

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