Psychology Child Growth & Development Assignment

 Students will write a minimum of a 600-word to identify major developmental milestones of children during the infancy stage in the areas of physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional development and to differentiate typical from atypical development

Part 1:

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Developmental Milestones according to Piaget:

Piaget listed six substages of sensorimotor development during the infancy stage (Reflexes, Primary Circular Reactions, Secondary Circular Reactions, Coordination of Reactions, Tertiary Circular Reactions, and Early Representational Thought).

These substages occur during the first two years of life.

  • Name and define in your own words, the six substages of the sensorimotor development, and  provide an example of physical development that children achieve during each substage.

Part 2:

Watch the following YouTube videos. In which ways do they connect with what you have learned during Module 5, 6 and 7 in physical, cognitive and socio-emotional development? try to be as descriptive as possible. When older children are present in the videos, just focus on the infant and their caregiver(s). You must observe and provide information from all three videos.

How do these videos reflect infant physical, socxio-emotional and cognitive development?




Part 3: Observations help us to identify signs of typical and atypical development. Autism is hard to identify during the infancy stage, but children may give us some signs when their development may not be as expected. Explain three signs of atypical development that could lead to autism (that you may keep in mind, when observing infants development). 

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