Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan

For this assignment, you are using the information contained in your country report and briefly proposing a marketing plan for your chosen product based on it.

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Include country report #3 at the start of your submission. This will be a simple copy-paste, and missing this entirely will affect your grade, but otherwise the section will not be graded again. The one exception is if you did not obtain a passing grade (70% or better) in Country report #3, in which case you may resubmit it here to achieve the learning objective.

Write a short (approx. 2 pages) executive summary for a marketing plan to enter the chosen country with your product or service. In this write-up, cite your own country report as often as necessary, using the hard data and insight collected there to suggest and justify your plans. At the very least, your marketing plan must explain.

  • Mode of entry into the country. Acknowledge the advantages and disadvantages of this method, but justify how your chosen mode is the best given the information in your report (barriers to trade, uncontrollable environment forces, culture).
  • Segmentation. Which consumer segment you are targeting within the new country, and where this segment fits into a hypothetical bigger international marketing segmentation (aggregate or disaggregate segmentation, etc.)
  • Product. Necessary adaptations (if any) to the product based on legal, cultural, economic reasons.
  • Price. Suggested price. Make sure to relate it to the local currency and to one indicator of local prices such as the Big Mac Index or the local price of a comparable product in the country.
  • Place. Distribution and logistics recommendations for the product based on the country report.
  • Promotion. Necessary adaptations based on legal, media, linguistic, economic or cultural differences. Suggest one symbol, value, ritual or tradition to be used by advertising. You may choose one marketing appeal or a change in values, as described in the Marketing Mix module.

The challenge of this assignment is in turning the information in your country report into specific recommendations. You will be graded on how well you use knowledge about a culture to craft specific market-entry and marketing strategies.

Write your answers in a Word document or another text processing file and submit the file here.

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