Managerial Report Case Study (Linear Programming In SOLVER)


Group Case Study Analysis Managerial Report – A 6 – 9-page case study analysis in the form of a Managerial Report is due to the instructor and all Group Mentors (see the case analysis write-up requirements in Blackboard). Teamwork is required for the presentation and PowerPoint and case analysis writing.  

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The Group Case study is to be conducted using linear programming in Solver. Points will be deducted for those groups who do not provide a solution in solver. 

Students will be assigned to groups or teams and as a group complete the case study assignment. Groups are to share the load equitably and build on the individual strengths of group members. The final deliverable will be a Paper (written in APA format) and a PowerPoint Presentation. Teamwork is important because the group case studies will be graded as one collective, agreed-upon work; in other words, each member of that team gets the same grade for presentations. Team member participation and contribution will be extremely important. Each team member is expected to participate in the presentation of the case study. Once the teamwork is completed, a peer review will be conducted, and you will receive individual credits based on each of your teammates’ reviews.  

To earn credit for the group case analysis, you and/or your team must submit deliverables by the assigned due date and your submission must include the Excel datasheet – after that point, neither assignment will be accepted (under any circumstances). Case submissions MUST be submitted through the designated Blackboard link and the Data Excel Analysis Sheet showing formulas used in Solver included.

Both a presentation grade as well as a grade for the case study analysis will be assigned and each group should plan to complete the case study analyzed in the group’s presentation. 

Please use the attached file as a reference I need something similar to it and also i need the Excel sheet for my work as well.

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