Leadership Theories

Now that you have reviewed case studies in the first eleven chapters, you should be
able to describe a situation in your organization where you can identify the
leadership style or approach demonstrated by the leader. Which actions are the
most clearly aligned with the strengths/criticisms noted in the text? After writing a short
description of the situation, create a list of the other key components you have seen in
the other case studies, such as:

● Leadership approach
● Leader’s position in the organization
● Number of direct reports (if known) and the general environment
● Work taking place in the situation
● Relationship the leader appears to have with others

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If there are any of these areas you do not readily know, how could you find the
information? If the information is not available to you, how could you create generalized
information to support your audience’s understanding of the background information?

After briefly describing the situation, a list of the key components and any areas you
were not able to easily access can be shared in a document or other file type that will
help you organize the information you have, what you need to follow-up to find, and
questions you may still have.

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