Demonstrate your understanding of what it means to be a “trauma-informed educator/leader

 The purpose of this writing assignment is to demonstrate your understanding of what it means to be a “trauma-informed educator/leader. Provide examples of activities, strategies, or interventions you have implemented in your classroom or organization due to your T&R EDU program learning thus far. Specifically address these three components: 1) What does it mean to be trauma-informed? 2) What does it mean to be trauma-responsiveand 3) What does resiliency mean for you and those you serve? The paper is to be written in the third person and include the following:

  • Purpose of the Writing (one paragraph)
  • Respond to each of the three components and cite research to support your writing content. (Note: each component becomes a heading)
  • Conclusion (summarizes critical concepts of the writing)
  • APA 7 formatted cover page plus two pages of writing content
  • Headings, In-text citations, and Reference pages per APA guidelines

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