Culture Diversity Issue

This link will take you to an article about cultural assessment. Follow this link: 

 Links to an external site.  and read about cultural issues about groups of persons and then some  evaluation methods (eg. Kleinman & Campbell and Geiger &  Davidheizer assessment techniques, etc.) The reason I am having you look  at these and think about this subject is that you will have to be  thinking about this subject when you do your paper and eventually the  presentation near the end of the course. This is a major consideration  when evaluating a group’s feelings and expectations about end-of-life  issues.

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Assignment: Consider the group you will be doing  your paper about and their end-of-life beliefs. Discuss what assessment  method you might utilize to assess the group’s beliefs about end-of-life  issues. You can include the reasons why you chose this method and what  results will tell you about the group and why this matters.  

Your paper should have at least 300 words to it and be APA compliant  including the references. Answer the issue(s) brought up in the  questions thoroughly and include examples.

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