Comics are an entirely visual medium; without the art, they cannot function

Comics are an entirely visual medium; without the art, they cannot function. While one could simply read all of the text, it would become nearly impossible to carry any weight, symbolism, theme, or importance in telling a story through just the words on the page alone. In this 4 issue story, readers are presented with a version of Superman as he grows and comes of age, with each issue taking a different look at a point in Clark Kent’s coming of age journey. For your response, please explain what you feel is the important symbolism and thematic importance of color, particularly in reference to the “seasons” of each book in this 4 issue storyline. How do the colors used in the comic convey emotion, and how do they help tie together the overall coming of age theme presented in the journey of Clark Kent from high school boy in Smallville to “Superman”? You may want to consider the colors used or heavily featured in each issue (such as, what colors does issue 1 use more predominately than issue 2), what colors are associated with the main characters, and how does the use of color set the emotional tone of the story as we read through the comic? 
For this first discussion assignment, I’d like you to try and answer the following prompt in a 1000 word response. For the sake of MLA practice, please cite the text when appropriate, and ensure you include a works cited page (you cite issues of comics like individual books). 

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