You will find the list of films you can choose from

You will find the list of films you can choose from in the assignment section of the course. Go to the list and pick your film. You must view the entire film. If you can’t access films because of deployment, geographic location, or other reasons, please let your instructor know so they can give you an alternate assignment. Please type you answers into this sheet. You must submit the worksheet two ways: 1) upload the worksheet as a Word document 2) cut and paste your answers into the student response box for the assignment. You must answer in complete sentences, using a short answer/paragraph format. What is the title of the film you picked? Why did you pick this film over the others offered? What is/are the central message(s) of this documentary/fictional film? Be specific. Use examples from the film to support your choice. Consider the effectiveness of the film for this history class. What are its strengths and weaknesses of this film in documenting history? How do you think the filmmakers want the audience to respond? Is there a social justice message? If so, what is it? Did the documentary leave you with any unanswered questions? If so, what were they? How did this film change any misconceptions or stereotypes you had about the subject matter? If so, what were they? What is the most important thing you learned from watching the film? Why is this film important to understanding contemporary African American History? watch one of the films on the list and answer each question in paragraph format, citing the movie when you write something specific to answer the question. You use the format your degree mandates. Do not forget to have a bibliography and also do not forget to answer all the questions…you should have three pages by the time you are done…meaning your answers need to be at college level to gain full credit. This is the link to the movie that must be watched to answer this question.

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