Which statement is true about atom-ion sizes


Which statement is true about atom-ion sizes?

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A) positive ions are smaller than the atoms from
which they are made
B) negative ions are the same size as the atom from which they are made
C) positive ions larger than the atoms from which they are made
D) negative ions are smaller than the atoms from which they are made


Which is expected to form a negative ion?

A) K
B) Ne
C) Na
D) F


Which of the following matches the meaning of
the term condensation in terms of changes in states of matter?

A) solid® liquid
B) liquid® gas
C) gas® liquid
D) liquid® solid


Which substance is most likely to have covalent
bonds between atoms?

A) Description: https://angel.grantham.edu/angeluploads/questiondata/392d10ea-7890-41d3-9956-43adbd1a61e9/6.jpg#{aadfeb58-a038-4815-bd0d-13e7aae676f9}
B) KBr
C) Description: https://angel.grantham.edu/angeluploads/questiondata/392d10ea-7890-41d3-9956-43adbd1a61e9/7.jpg#{9a948751-e0be-4408-bac1-91c741fbf152}
D) Description: https://angel.grantham.edu/angeluploads/questiondata/392d10ea-7890-41d3-9956-43adbd1a61e9/8.jpg#{b2afd582-9e50-46f3-a417-eee0130d9496}


Why is carbon monoxide toxic to mammals?

A) it acts as a neurotoxin
B) inhibits oxygen binding to hemoglobin
C) causes restriction of the airway
D) it is very addictive


Which atmospheric region contains the protective
ozone layer?

A) troposphere
B) mesophere
C) stratosphere
D) thermosphere


Which pollutant is related to the following
sources: sea salt, automobile and truck exhaust, volcanoes, electric power

A) lead
B) sulfur dioxide
C) carbon monoxide
D) particulates


What name is given to the sum of neutrons and
protons in an atom’s nucleus?

A) atomic number
B) mass number
C) isotope number
D) atomic mole mass


Which element is found in Group IIA – in Period

A) magnesium, Mg
B) zinc, Zn
C) calcium, Ca
D) potassium, K


An example of a homogeneous mixture is

A) oil in water
B) a salt water solution
C) a suspension
D) a pure substance


What is the greenhouse effect?

A) solar radiation is trapped and reemitted as
B) the increase in plant material
C) UV radiation is absorbed and reemitted as heat
D) all of these


Which is not a greenhouse gas?

A) Description: https://angel.grantham.edu/angeluploads/questiondata/a543caf5-871b-4bc9-a703-bdaea60b297f/9.jpg#{ecc13a91-2bd2-4539-9cd6-9ee724ae7a79}
B) Description: https://angel.grantham.edu/angeluploads/questiondata/a543caf5-871b-4bc9-a703-bdaea60b297f/10.jpg#{1e642fd5-3f02-4a22-a56d-a51290355d2e}
D) Description: https://angel.grantham.edu/angeluploads/questiondata/a543caf5-871b-4bc9-a703-bdaea60b297f/11.jpg#{80267763-c6a4-4a30-afe0-eb3682ece36c}


In a photochemical reaction

A) the chemical reaction is energized by light
B) nitrogen dioxide must be present
C) ozone is always formed
D) none of the above


Which is necessary for a chemical reaction to

A) reactant molecules must collide
B) collisions must be of a certain energy
C) neither a nor b
D) both a and b


Preserving food by freezing controls reaction
rates by

A) decreasing the number of collisions
B) increasing concentration
C) changing the number of effective reactant collisions
D) both a and c are correct


Which will have the largest molar mass?

A) 1 mol of Ar, argon
B) 1 mol of CO, carbon monoxide
C) 1 mol of N2, nitrogen
D) 1 mol of Sn, tin


What is the weight of one mole of water
molecules, H2O? The atomic weight of hydrogen is 1 and the atomic weight of
oxygen is 16.

A) Description: https://angel.grantham.edu/angeluploads/questiondata/8cbc74d0-0f2e-4014-b637-cf2b20409abe/20.jpg#{e04a04c5-8891-464c-b278-15eb9f181a3c}
B) Description: https://angel.grantham.edu/angeluploads/questiondata/8cbc74d0-0f2e-4014-b637-cf2b20409abe/21.jpg#{fdf2a934-c9d5-421c-826a-1d02cf23f450}
C) Description: https://angel.grantham.edu/angeluploads/questiondata/8cbc74d0-0f2e-4014-b637-cf2b20409abe/23.jpg#{546b81cc-629f-4c48-926e-d667be82c564}
D) Description: https://angel.grantham.edu/angeluploads/questiondata/8cbc74d0-0f2e-4014-b637-cf2b20409abe/24.jpg#{59ce109f-bd71-4957-86c0-8b38d0e0a1a8}Description: https://angel.grantham.edu/angeluploads/questiondata/8cbc74d0-0f2e-4014-b637-cf2b20409abe/25.jpg#{594dd453-6b88-4263-a88a-5ce2ce9e5faa}


Which of the following pollutants does not
contribute to acid rain?

A) Description: https://angel.grantham.edu/angeluploads/questiondata/cdfdd6ce-dd76-43e5-9f10-ccc9ea957b7c/26.jpg#{2b93e1d2-5c1b-48cf-8ceb-a15d408e1ff0}
B) Description: https://angel.grantham.edu/angeluploads/questiondata/cdfdd6ce-dd76-43e5-9f10-ccc9ea957b7c/27.jpg#{a15e879b-8057-4095-80c8-42ee63becb2f}
C) Description: https://angel.grantham.edu/angeluploads/questiondata/cdfdd6ce-dd76-43e5-9f10-ccc9ea957b7c/28.jpg#{e6fbbcd8-5631-48ab-bbf0-a0da0ff74c73}
D) Description: https://angel.grantham.edu/angeluploads/questiondata/cdfdd6ce-dd76-43e5-9f10-ccc9ea957b7c/29.jpg#{852df16e-b087-4a67-add6-d6994384684e}


Identify the endothermic process

A) water condensing
B)DH = -500 cal
C) freezing water
D) sublimation of dry ice



A) is more soluble in warm water than in cold
B) is not required to metabolize organic material in water
C) does not react with water pollutants
D) is more soluble in cold water than in warm water


What is a bleaching agent?

A) oxidizes colored chemicals
B) reduces colored chemicals
C) oxidizes bleach
D) removes salts from hard water


Which of the following might prevent corrosion
of iron?

A) a water spray
B) a coating of zinc
C) acid treatments
D) salt solutions


Free radicals are particles that

A) have an unpaired electron
B) act as oxidizing agents
C) grab another electron from a neighboring molecule
D) all of the above


24. Which reactant substance is the base, in the
following reaction,NH3(g) + H2O( l)® NH4+(aq) + OH-(aq) ?

A) OH-
B) Description: https://angel.grantham.edu/angeluploads/questiondata/4f7bb725-6b07-4bf9-8349-59dada464a4b/40.jpg#{9c16f497-0058-4415-a82f-e263eb619f53}
C) Description: https://angel.grantham.edu/angeluploads/questiondata/4f7bb725-6b07-4bf9-8349-59dada464a4b/41.jpg#{dc6fe888-5ee3-4879-8b23-1a331bf7c3e1}
D) Description: https://angel.grantham.edu/angeluploads/questiondata/4f7bb725-6b07-4bf9-8349-59dada464a4b/44.jpg#{67e9bd00-3f21-4de8-8a21-0db6b50ec8a3}


Which of the following indicates a basic

A) pH = 7
B) pH < 7
C) pH = 11
D) pH = 0


What is the pH for a solution with hydrogen ion
molarity of 0.01?

A) -2
B) 2
C) 100
D) Description: https://angel.grantham.edu/angeluploads/questiondata/5f69cba4-bf47-4909-bcab-08ffef6be228/50.jpg#{05ca53fa-5bad-4965-91b5-342738719b23}


Which pair would make a good buffer?

A) H+/OH-
B) Na+ /Cl-
C) Description: https://angel.grantham.edu/angeluploads/questiondata/09f87522-561a-4349-a66d-90386d7d6a07/10-1-2010%209-04-57%20am.jpg#{717e3a72-5b1a-41d2-a2f1-111ade079ed8}
D) Na+ /OH-


Which hydrocarbon is the principal component of
natural gas?

A) methane
B) benzene
C) ethylene
D) isooctane


All combustion reactions of fossil fuels

A) give off energy
B) are complete combustions with oxygen
C) are endothermic reactions
D) are l00% efficient


Which fossil fuel burns cleaner and more completely?

A) coal
B) natural gas
C) petroleum
D) wood


What type of particle is emitted when a U-235
decays to Np-235?

A) alpha particle
B) beta particle
C) neutron
D) helium nuclei


Which is generally not associated with nuclear

A) outer electrons
B) atomic number
C) atomic mass
D) the nucleus


Which statement is not true about fission?

A) combination of atomic nuclei
B) process requires initiation by a neutron
C) a chain reaction
D) products have smaller nuclei than reactants


Vulcanized rubber which was first produced by
Goodyear in 1839

A) is poly-trans-isoprene
B) contains short chains of sulfur atoms as crosslinks between polymers
C) has chlorine atoms substituted for hydrogen atoms
D) is a copolymer


What element is used to form cross links between
polymer chains in Vulcanized rubber?

A) sulfur
B) silicon
C) carbon
D) oxygen


Amino acids that the body cannot synthesize from
other molecules are called

A) necessary amino acids
B) essential amino acids
C) natural amino acids
D) prized amino acids


Carbohydrates, proteins, and DNA are all

A) C, H, and O compounds only
B) inorganic compounds
C) polymers
D) helical structures


Digestion converts carbohydrates into

A) amino acids
B) fatty acids
C) Description: https://angel.grantham.edu/angeluploads/questiondata/e87f50e7-dd6a-4649-ad7d-09a81a5d2070/51.jpg#{a456cf3a-15a2-4744-8b99-67014df5622c}
D) monosaccharides


Consider a food that yields 300 kcal per serving
of which 100 kcal are from fat. What is the percent from fat?

A) 9 X 300 X 100
B) (100 / 300) X 100
C) (300 / 100) X 100
D) [(300 – 100) / 300] X 100


The digestion of fats results in?

A) amino acids
B) fatty acids plus glycerol
C) Description: https://angel.grantham.edu/angeluploads/questiondata/90a4ac51-eb5a-4fb6-9fa7-bfaf9a4ec4db/51.jpg#{d033065d-9d51-497d-aee0-ca5124a0983e}CO2 and H2O
D) monosaccharides


An antimetabolite drug for cancer is

A) nitroglycerin
B) cyclophosphamide
C) sulfanilamide
D) methotrexate


Which of the following is the female sex

A) progesterone
B) testosterone
C) cortisone
D) cholesterol


Caffeine has an LD50 oral rat of 200 mg/kg body
weight. How many milligrams per rat would be needed to kill 50% of test
population for rats with a body mass of 0.500 kg?

A) 10000
B) 2000
C) 100
D) 4


Which of the following metals is recovered from
sea water?

A) magnesium
B) iron
C) copper
D) both b and c


Which material is structurally stronger?

A) pig iron
B) cast iron
C) steel
D) iron oxide


What is the major compound found in sea shells?

A) Description: https://angel.grantham.edu/angeluploads/questiondata/3426daa6-1b55-4883-ba58-0c6c30ab09ab/1.jpg#{9c429212-e702-4c39-8a93-6ad469348dde}
B) Description: https://angel.grantham.edu/angeluploads/questiondata/3426daa6-1b55-4883-ba58-0c6c30ab09ab/2.jpg#{b5c54e1c-2457-4b43-8699-c0f594ab4991}
C) Description: https://angel.grantham.edu/angeluploads/questiondata/3426daa6-1b55-4883-ba58-0c6c30ab09ab/3.jpg#{31274880-6b8a-41d3-a402-ba489a83fccb}
D) Description: https://angel.grantham.edu/angeluploads/questiondata/3426daa6-1b55-4883-ba58-0c6c30ab09ab/5.jpg#{e3dc92cf-9a9e-4ebf-b5eb-655c8f1ca73b}


Superconductivity is the result of

A) lower electrical resistance
B) increases in available energy
C) higher concentrations of electrical charge
D) higher levels achieved in the purity of copper


Which is a property of DDT?

A) chlorine free
B) fat-soluble
C) high toxicity to mammals
D) chemically unstable


If only very small amounts of a nutrient are
required by a plant, it is referred to as a

A) primary nutrient
B) micronutrient
C) subnutrient
D) secondary nutrient


A quick-release fertilizer depends on what
factor in getting soil nutrients immediately into the soil?

A) catalysis
B) temperature
C) pressure
D) solubility

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