what should we remember about U.S. history

What should we remember?

As we reach the mid point of the semester, I ask you what should we remember about U.S. history? This course covers decades of life in our nation and I often consider what should be remembered. As many of you have heard “Remember the Alamo” in regard to Texas, what should be remembered from this U.S. history course that we have covered in the modules so far? What questions from this course thus far continue to ‘haunt’ your or have you found yourself bringing up with friends or family? What issues, events and perspectives will you continue to consider as you move forward? What else are you hoping to learn about, discuss in a discussion board and wrestle with as we move through the second half of this course?

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Please make sure your assignment is 500 words and cite all sources in APA. Please incorporate at least 1 primary source and 1 secondary source into your submission. Be sure your submission has an introduction, and conclusion. You can go back and use any resources from the Canvas lessons or do your own research.

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