What impression did Hitler give about the Jewish presence

1-Readings About the Holocaust Questions (2 pages)

Write the answers in the space provided. Please use complete sentences

1-What impression did Hitler give about the Jewish presence and participation in German government? What was the reality?

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2-How did the Nazis use laws to limit free speech and to take away rights from certain people? What rights were taken away?

3-In addition to Hitler and the Nazis who else supported these laws and restrictions?

4-How would you react if you were a German Jew during the years, 1933-1941? What might be some options for you?

5-Why do you think the anti-Jewish signs were removed during the 1936 Olympics?

6-Describe the progression of laws passed by the Nazis. How did the order in which these laws were announced set the stage for the laws that followed?

7-How could these laws help discrimination to become a habit?

8-Describe the meaning of the word “bystander.”

9-Describe other groups, besides Nazi military and political leaders, who were participants and collaborators with the “final solution.”

10-How would the situation at Mauthausen have affected the townspeople there?

11-What choices could the citizens of Mauthausen have made?

12-Describe the Evian Conference and its outcome. How could this conference have been used to stop Hitler?

13-What options were open to the U.S. concerning the Nazi concentration camps?

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