Week 7 Discussion Cultural History

Week 7 

Cultural History Discussion Board

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This week, you review a creative/cultural work in a five-paragraph essay. Choose a movie, television episode, theatrical production, work of art, performance art, or written work from the time period (1970’s – 1990’s) of our readings. Naturally, be sure your chosen topic is related to popular culture of the time. Then, critically review the work.

The first paragraph is your introduction, as described in our learning module this week. Remember, you need to tell us more than just what you are reviewing. Be sure to tell us the context of what you are reviewing as well as the main argument/evaluation you are presenting

Next, have a summary paragraph. Please do not tell us everything about what you are reviewing. However, tell us enough to inform us. Also, your classmates might not be familiar with what you are reviewing. As part of your summary, please tell us how we can see this artifact ourselves or perhaps you can include a link to the work you are reviewing.


Your third paragraph should tell us about the positive aspects of the work. What did the work do well? What might particular audiences enjoy about this work? What succeeded? Remember to support this with examples/details.


Your fourth paragraph should tell us where the work falls short. What did not work as well? What might the intended audiences not appreciate as much? Again, remember to support this with examples/details.


Naturally, your fifth paragraph is your conclusion. Revisit your main points. Do you recommend this work to others? If so, to whom? If not, why not?



The parts of your new discussion thread:

1. A subject line that describes your new thread.

2. An introduction paragraph.

3. A summary/overview paragraph, with a link to the work being reviewed or directions on how to view it.

4. A positive paragraph.

5. A negative paragraph.

6. A conclusion paragraph.

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