US history – Did morality or economics dominate the debates

US history

1. Did morality or economics dominate the debates over slavery in the 1850s? Explain the various arguments made for and against the expansion of slavery. Who, if anyone, was arguing for abolition?

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2. John O’Sullivan declared that race was the key to the history of nations and the rise and fall of empires. How accurate do you think that statement was? Why?

3. What did Emerson mean by “Mexico will poison us”? Was he right? Why or why not?

4. How did the war affect the economies of the North and of the South?

5. What strategy did General Grant ultimately adopt to achieve victory for the Union, and why did he do so? Why was his strategy criticized?

6. Describe the changes in Lincoln’s thinking that led to the Civil War being waged as a total war.

7. Was Reconstruction a success or a failure? Or was it something in between? In your response, consider land policy, key legislation during Presidential and Radical Reconstruction, southern politics, racial and political violence, and northern “fatigue” with Reconstruction. Be sure to make clear what you mean by success and failure.

8. The debate surrounding the creation and ratification of the Fifteenth Amendment divided one-time political allies over the matter of women’s suffrage. What were the arguments for and against including a woman’s right to vote in the Fifteenth Amendment? What did this debate say about the boundaries of freedom defined by Reconstruction?

9. One of the most divisive issues during the Reconstruction period was the meaning of “freedom” and “citizenship.” Did this debate reach some closure during the Recon struction period? Why or why not? Be sure to summarize the opinions of different social and political groups that dominated the national agenda during this period.

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