U.S. GOVERNMENT PENA Writing Assignment

I need help writing a paper on the differences between the U.S. government and another government. I think that I want to go with Israel, but we need paper sources (online academic journals count though!!!) and I haven’t found anything that’s actually useful for anything other than off topic anectodes.
Does anyone have any paper writing, source finding, or other helpful advice for my situation? Suggestions for sources that might describe Israel’s governmental structure instead of just talking about how they need to change?



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August 3, 2015

Essay Assignment: This writing
assignment is a very important part of this course. Each student is required to
write a paper that relates to the course subject matter. The paper must be at
least 7 pagesof content (not
counting reference page and title page
). The paper must be typed (12 pt
font) and double-spaced. In addition, there should be a cover pagethat will include a topic title, course number &
section number, date, and your name. There should also be an additional back
page that will properly cite your sources that you referred to. There should be
a minimum of six (6) different sources used to gather your information. The
sources will be an equal mixture of internet web and written sources. Some
written sources such as newspapers and journals are posted online, so they are
considered written sources. Web sites such as the CIA are considered a web
source. Points will be deducted for grammatical errors, so make sure you proofread
your essay very carefully. The grade for this essay is determined by the
quality of your paper. The topic for
this essay is provided below:

After gaining a basic understanding of our structure and form of
government through the readings and discussions in this course, compare and
contrast some basic elements of our government structure to those of another
country. There are obviously different forms of government besides our own and
some even refer to their governments as a democratic
. Writing should be in your own words! Copying an author’s words
is plagiarism and will result in a ZERO for the assignment. Most of your
writing should be your original thoughts; If you need to quote make sure you
use quotation marks and only quote sparsely.

Divide your paper into the following subtopics.

I. Introduction
(1-2 pages)

a brief background of the country you have selected to compare to ours.

historical background, its people, economy, religion, etc. What is our
relationship to this country
(economically and politically)?

II. Constitutional
Development (1-2 pages)

a brief summary of how the government developed in this country you selected. This will include a brief historical
discussion to its constitutional development.

II. Government
Structure (4 pages or more)

is government structured in this country you have selected?

Legislative, Judicial, Political Parties

some comparisons to our structure of government.

III. Democracy
(1 page)

consider our country a democracy. What is it that makes a democracy?

this country you wrote about a democracy? Why or Why not? Discuss some elements
of democracy in your comparisons.

IV. Conclusion
(1 page)

What did you learn from this assignment? What
stands out in your comparisons?

V. Sources
(Separate page, MLA or other accepted format)

your sources.

Your essay is due on Monday,
August 3, 2015! No late papers accepted!
Do not e-mail your paper. Deliver as instructed in Syllabus.

Make sure you staple your
paper and keep a copy.


Below are examples
of countries you can choose. Feel free
to select any country you wish to write about that might not be listed here.

Norway Sweden Iceland Denmark

New Zealand Australia Switzerland Canada

Finland Luxembourg Netherlands Ireland

Austria United Kingdom Germany Malta

Uruguay Mauritius Japan Czech Republic

South Korea Belgium Costa Rica

Botswana France Cape Verde South Africa

Slovenia Italy Chile India

Greece Portugal Estonia Taiwan

Lithuania Israel Jamaica Slovakia

Cyprus Timor-Leste Poland Brazil

Panama Latvia Trinidad and
Tobago Hungary

Croatia Mexico Argentina Bulgaria

Indonesia Suriname Dominican Republic Serbia

Lesotho Colombia Romania Peru

El Salvador Mongolia Malaysia Hong Kong

Philippines Papua New Guinea Ghana Moldova

Zambia Paraguay Thailand Namibia

Macedonia Senegal Guyana Malawi

Georgia Montenegro Singapore Mali

Benin Ecuador Bangladesh Honduras

Ukraine Guatemala Bolivia Tanzania


Sir Lanka Albania Turkey Nicaragua

Uganda Kenya Venezuela Lebanon

Bosnia Liberia Bhutan Libya

Palestine Nepal Mozambique Kyrgyz Republic

Pakistan Sierra Leone Cambodia Madagascar

Mauritania Burkina Faso Iraq Niger

Morocco Armenia

Haiti Ethiopia Algeria Kuwait

Nigeria Jordan Gabon Russia

Cuba Comoros Togo Burundi

Cameroon Rwanda Angola Gambia

Vietnam Egypt Oman Laos

Swaziland Qatar Azerbaijan Kazakhstan

Belarus China Djibouti Congo

Bahrain Guinea Yemen Myanmar

Zimbabwe Sudan United Arab
Emirates Tajikistan


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