The length of recorded history for humankind is about

GEOL 1021: Assignment #1 Fall 2013

Answer all the following Questions

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1. The length of
recorded history for humankind is about 5000 years. Clearly, most people view this span as being
very long. How does it compare to the length of geologic time? Calculate the
percentage or fraction of geologic time that is represented by recorded
history. To make calculations easier, round the age of Earth to the nearest
billion. 5 marks

2. After
entering a dark room, you turn on a wall switch, but the light does not come
on. Suggest at least three hypotheses that might explain this observation. Once
you have formulated your hypotheses what is the next logical step? 10

3. How is the
Earth’s inner core different from its outer core? 5

4. The Earth is considered
a dynamic planet, compared to the Moon or Mercury. Why? 10

5. The moon has
virtually no magnetosphere. Why? 10

6. Explain how the principle of
uniformitarianism allows for catastrophic events. 8

7. The
concentric layer that makes up most of Earth’s volume— is it? 2

A. the inner
core B. outer core C. mantle D.
Asthenosphere E. crust


all questions carefully

must be type-written

require a cover page. The cover page should have the following: course code and
assignment number, name of student (s), and date of submission.

the class notes, textbook, and any other referenced source to answer the
questions. (Some of your answers may come from critical analyses more than
direct answers from a source.)

may work in groups. The maximum number of students in a group is three. You may
elect to work alone.

assignment is due by the close of Friday, October 18, 2013.

Use the assignment drop box.

submitted after midnight, Friday, October 18,will not be accepted
(without prior permission from the instructor).

This is not an essay assignment.

Total Marks: 50

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