Section 1-Please answer in 2 paragraphs *

1-Please answer in 2 paragraphs

The origins of the Great Depression. How was the Depression in the U.S. related
to global economic factors? Be specific

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2) Explain the major phases of the New Deal. What programs
were enacted in each phase, and what did they seek to accomplish? Discuss
at least two New Deal programs in greater detail.

3) Why did the
U.S. government intern Japanese Americans in the aftermath of the attack on
Pearl Harbor? Was the internment justified? Why or why not?

4) How did the war change the lives of African Americans AND
Hispanic Americans? Was life better? How and why/why not? (Great
Depression Era)

were the roots/origins of the Cold War between the U.S./Western Europe and the
U.S.S.R./Soviet or Communist block? Could the Cold War have been
avoided? If so, how?

6)What was the
impact of the Cold War on American society and culture? Discuss specific

7)Who prospered the most in
America, and why? What groups did NOT prosper, and why? Address specifically
two groups that DID prosper and two groups that did NOT prosper.

What were the sources of American
prosperity in the aftermath of World War II?

2 T4

Why did
the Vietnam War instill such major protests amongst Americans, especially the
youth and certain minorities? What form did these protests take?
What segments of the U.S. population were most affected by sending their youth
off to war? Describe the different reactions to the war from minority
groups (eg., African Americans) and predominately White college-age students.

How did
John F. Kennedy represent the hopes and ideals of Americans in the early
1960s? For the “majority”/mainstream population? For women and

the advances made by the Women’s Movement of the 1970s. How much has been
accomplished since then?

the Watergate crisis. Briefly describe the origin, and discuss the later
issues involved. What were/are the lasting effects of this crisis today?

demographic changes did the U.S. experience since the 1980s? Identify 3
(three) specific demographic (ethnic, racial, gender, national or religious)
groups and how they made significant a impact on American politics, economy or

the impact of the events of September 11, 2001, on American society and foreign
policy. How much has changed over the last 14 years from how Americans
conducted themselves before?

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