HIST1302 United States History II


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Signature Assignment/Final Paper (Connecting the Past to the Present)

For this assignment, you will compare an event/issue from the second half of U.S. History (from 1877) to a present (post 2000) event/issue. You will need to find at least two sources on the event/issue (You can use your textbook as one of those sources). You will use any online articles/books to answer the following questions in an essay:

1.  Describe in general the issue that is debated:

How was this event/ issue important to the culture, economics, political system, or social structure at the time?

2. What event/issue does it relate to in today’s world?: Describe the modern event/issue you are comparing it to.

3.  Comparison: What is similar about the two?

4.  Contrast: What is different about the two?

5.  Conclusion: What can this past event/issue tell us about the present?                                   


The paper must be a minimum of 400-500 words college level writing using the proper grammar and usage, typed, double-spaced, using 12 point font. The assignment will be uploaded as a file on Blackboard. Rubrics will include format -25% content-25%, grammar-25%, and comprehension-25%. To submit the file, click on the Final Paper tab. At the end of the paper you need to include a Works Cited page in which you list your sources using MLA citation style. If you use webarticles or ebooks, give me the full web address (not just the home page or search engine page that you used to find it).

Plagiarism Policy and punishment. Any plagiarism is an automatic zero for the assignment. (If you have any questions about SJCD’s plagiarism policy, you can find it at the website

Late papers policy: No Late Papers will be accepted beyond due dates.

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