Most geologic processes are driven

1.Most geologic processes
are driven by

the hydrologic cycle.

solar input.

internal heat.

long-term erosion.

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2.The principle of
uniformitarianism maintains that we should

treat all events as
having the same cause.

disregard evidence of
sudden events.

use past events to
interpret present events.

use present events to
interpret past events.

3.One surprising feature
of Earth’s interior is that

it is much denser than
the exterior, so it isn’t all made of “rock.”

it is much less dense
than the exterior, so it isn’t all made of “rock.”

it is about the same
density at all depths, so the composition is uniform (except for pressure

its density cannot be
determined by available methods.

4.The Mohorovičić
discontinuity (the Moho) is the boundary between the crust and the mantle.
Therefore it is primarily a

boundary based on
behavioral differences.

boundary based on
compositional differences.

boundary based on
political differences.

boundary based on
obsolete differences.

5.The base of the
lithosphere separates this layer from the underlying asthenosphere. It is

a behavioral boundary.

a compositional

a political boundary.

an obsolete boundary.

6.Tectonic plates are best
described as

pieces of crust.

pieces of mantle.

pieces of lithosphere.

pieces of asthenosphere.

pieces of hydrosphere.

7.Earth’s magnetic field
is generated by

magnetic minerals in the

solar radiation in the

industrial activities in
the northern hemisphere.

rotation of the inner

circulation in the outer

8.Earth’s overall chemical
composition differs from Jupiter’s because

they differ in age.

one was captured from a
passing solar system.

they formed at different
distances from the Sun.

Jupiter is larger.

Earth has a relatively
large Moon (almost a twin planet).

9.Explain the difference
between a hypothesis and a theory. While doing so, avoid words such as proof,
proven, and true. Feel free to use words such as evidence, support, and useful.

10.Name and describe the
two layers inside Earth that are undergoing convection and indicate one major
consequence of each.

explain P waves and S waves and how their reflection and refraction can provide
insight into Earth’s internal structure.

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