Maryville HIST122 2022 March Week 6 Discussion Latest

HIST122 History from 1877 to Present

Week 6 Discussion

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Differences between Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcom X

For This Discussion Prompt:

For many in the 1960s–and since–Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcom X represented polar opposites in the black freedom struggle.  Early in Malcolm X’s national career, he referred to Martin Luther King Jr. as “a fool,” “a chump,” “a traitor,” and a number of other names.  For his part, King thought that Malcolm X’s movement would never succeed in accomplishing black equality within the United States.  King believed the only possible outcome of Malcolm X’s movement would be misery for all Americans but particularly for black Americans.

Clearly the two men disagreed with one another about the black freedom struggle.  They disagreed about the goals of the movement.  They disagreed about how to go about accomplishing their different goals.

For this discussion, you’ll need to read the two previous Canvas pages. The first by Martin Luther King, and his work entitled “The Ethical Demands for Integration” from 1963.  Also, read the interview between Malcolm X and A.B. Spellman.

Haven’t Read These Pages Yet? Read Them Now!

Martin Luther King, “The Ethical Demands for Integration” 1963

Interview between Malcolm X and A.B. Spellman

Once you’ve read these Canvas pages, answer the following questions in the discussion space below.

 What were the core differences between Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr.?

How were their goals different?

How were their methods different? 

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