Maryville HIST122 2022 March Week 4 Discussion Latest

HIST122 History from 1877 to Present

Week 4 Discussion

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The New Deal and Its Discontents

For This Discussion Prompt:

As you’ve seen so far this week, many in the US were unsatisfied with the New Deal.  Many thought that Roosevelt had not gone far enough to meet the challenges of the Great Depression.  Others thought that Roosevelt had gone too far.

For this discussion, you’ll need to read the two previous Canvas pages. The first by Franklin Roosevelt–which presents his justification for what he called his New Deal.  The other–by Herbert Hoover–explains why he thinks that Roosevelt’s New Deal betrayed American principles. 

Haven’t Read These Pages Yet? Read Them Now!

Franklin Roosevelt’s Acceptance Speech 1936

Herbert Hoover on the New Deal

 Once you’ve read these Canvas pages, answer the following questions in the discussion space below.

Based upon what you read for today, why did Roosevelt feel as though the New Deal preserved freedom in America?

Why did Hoover perceive the New Deal as a threat to freedom in America?

In the end, with whom do you agree?

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