LH301 Course Project 1 – Entrepreneur

LH301 Course Project 1 

LH301 Course Project: Topic: Entrepreneur: Who Would You Like to Learn More About?

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Project: Create a PowerPoint presentation on an entrepreneur of your choice. This person should be an entrepreneur you admire for the contribution made to America’s development as a nation. The person could have lived during the post-civil war period. This person can also be someone who is alive today, but who you believe will be viewed as a great contributor to America’s history. The presentation should be 4 to 5 minutes.

Worth 100 points

Here are some suggestions:

Bill Gates

Oprah Winfrey

Larry Page

Daymond John (or any legendary black entrepreneur)

Madam C.J. Walker

Suggested resources:



Write your course project and design a PowerPoint Presentation to include the following information:

1. Select an entrepreneur you most admire. The entrepreneur can be any individual from the post civil war period until today.

2. Identify the company or organization the entrepreneur is associated with and inform your audience. Briefly summarize what the business does or key information you believe would interest your audience.

3. Provide three of the most important reasons why you selected the specific entrepreneur.

(identify specific contributions the entrepreneur is known for and other reasons you might have that helped attract you to learning more about this person)

4. Identify two of the most important personal qualities that contributed to your entrepreneur’s success? (In other words, what were some of the most important reasons why the individual was successful? i.e. innovative, positive work ethic, never giving up)

5. In studying and researching the individual’s life’s story, did the individual have any challenges to overcome? Did you uncover any weaknesses about this individual? Explain.

6. How can you apply what you have learned about this entrepreneur to your own life?

7. Create a reference page according to APA style for your paper and PowerPoint presentation (make sure that you use citations in your paper and slides to show where the information has come from)

8. You are required to have detailed speaker notes on your slides.

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