In the second part of history (1877-Present), The glided ages? *

In the second part of history (1877-Present), The glided ages? Can someone answer these questions for me as a review. Answers do not have to be long at all. Maybe 2 sentences. Answer them however you would like

  • What are the “gilded” parts of the Gilded Age?
  • What are the troubling elements beneath this “gilded” layer of the Gilded Age?
  • If this section of history is often called the “emergence of modern America,” how and why is that the case economically? What effects from this time period do you see continuing to affect the present?
  • For labor unions specifically, what positive and negative aspects did you see in the Knights of Labor and American Federation of Labor examples presented?
  • For politics specifically, had you ever before considered the effects of having or not having a secret ballot? What were the consequences of a lack of a secret ballot for the Gilded Age?

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