HIS530 Historical Eras Matrix, Use the matrix below to familiarize

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HIS 530

Topic 2: Historical Eras Matrix

Directions: Use the matrix below to familiarize yourself with the different historical schools of thought. Research various aspects of each school of thought as listed in the columns. Provide brief responses for each section to gain a basic understanding of each.

School of Thought


Major/Key Thinker/Theorists/Scholars

Strengths and Weaknesses

Example of Method

(Book, Article, etc.)





















Social History





Directions: After completing the matrix above, use the data you collected to thoughtfully respond to the questions below. Your responses should be a minimum of 300 words per question.

1. How do historians apply different methods of analysis? Provide an example that shows how an historian used a particular method, to defend your claims.

2. Which methods do you or would you employ in your historical analysis?

3. Select an historical event and three methods, how would these methods analyze your selected event?

4. Does the method use change the final analysis of a historical event?

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