(HI T1-2) the following question in at least 2 full paragraphs. *

(HI T1-2) the following question in at least 2 full paragraphs. 16.3. Examine how the former Southern planter aristocracy (also called “plantocracy”) restore traditional plantation-style with African American newly freed people as a cheap source of labor? How did they also restore traditional paternalistic race-based relations with African American freed people? 15.1. How did the expansion of the railroad system encourage westward expansion in people (as new settlers) and businesses/industries (commercial cattle production, movement of raw materials and finished goods) in the American West? 19.1. Discuss three of the Social Reform movements of this era, known as the Progressive Era. Include in your discussion: the movement’s platform; supporting arguments and detracting arguments; leadership; relative success and failures. Section 2-Each question needs to be answered in two paragraphs each. 17.1. Who were the newcomers to American cities in the late 19th century, and what factors attracted them to cities? Where did they come from, and what drove them away? 18.1. What motivated American expansionism during the 1890s? Be specific: discuss in detail at least 2 (two) motives. How do these motives differ from today? 19.2. What contributions did women make to the Progressive movement? Identify four such women, and the issues they addressed. 20.1. Why was the United States so determined to remain “neutral,” or at least officially out of World War 1 until 1917? Why in 1917 was it so enthusiastic to participate? 21.3. What groups did NOT share in the (apparent) prosperity of the decade, and why? Be specific.

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