HI 232 AO: United States History since 1865 Reading Questions 2

HI 232 AO: United States History since 1865
Reading Questions 2

Summer 2015

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Chapters 17 21. Answer each question in one paragraph.
Chapter 17: The New Metropolis
17.1. Who were the newcomers to American cities in the late 19th century, and what factors
attracted them to cities? Where did they come from, and what drove them away?
17.3. How did new forms of public transportation change cities? How did these changes in
technology affect where people lived and worked? Identify these forms of public transportation,
and discuss the impact of these changes in TWO major cities.

Chapter 18: Becoming a World Power
18.1. What motivated American expansionism during the 1890s? Be specific: discuss in detail
at least 2 (two) motives. How do these motives differ from today?
18.2.(* – REQUIRED) Outline the major principles of President Theodore Roosevelts foreign
policy in the Caribbean, eastern Asia and Europe. Be specific and provide examples from each
of the 3 regions. How well have these policies worked in the 100 years since Roosevelt?
Chapter 19: The Progressives Confront Industrial Capitalism
19.1. (*-REQUIRED) What social problems or issues concerned the Progressives, and why?
Who else was there to tackle these issues? Identify and discuss briefly at least 3 social issues
that the Progressives addressed, including major social factors and major figures in the specific
19.2. Why did the U.S. lag behind several European countries in passing social legislation?
Identify the countries who successfully passed such legislation.
Chapter 20: The Great War
20.3. How did the war affect majority women and minority populations in America? Identify
specific effects on each demographic group, and why these groups were so affected.
20.4. What was Wilsons idealistic plan for peace, and why did it fail? Be specific.
Chapter 21: Affluence and Anxiety
21.1. What was the Harlem Renaissance, and what was its significance to both African
Americans, liberal White Americans, and to the nation as a whole?
21.2. Was Prohibition a success or a failure? Explain why some call it a success, and why
some label it a failure.
21.4. (*-REQUIRED) What groups did NOT share in the (apparent) prosperity of the
decade, and why? Be specific.

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