German History, Era Or Government

German History, Era Or Government

Pick either a historic German or Germanic figure or an era of German history. You may also choose an aspect of politics or government from a German-speaking country. Discuss at least three important elements of the person, era, political system, or government, including why you deem them important culturally. What is their cultural significance? Cite and fully reference sources, including images (inserted NOT attached), with the Author, Title & Date, include links, and put quotes around direct quotes that you borrow. Images also require copyright permission if they are not Creative Commons licensed or Public Domain. For all your German and other foreign language references and citations, you should be using the MLA Style format.

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After making your initial post, read your peers´ posts in order to enrich your understanding of the German-speaking world. Respond to your peers in order to engage in a discussion of these famous German and Germanic figures and noteworthy eras of German history.

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