geology-What is the general strike and dip

Geologic Map Worksheet
The map on the other side of this sheet is a geologic map. This map is oriented
with north along the top of the map and west along the left side of the map.

Using the geologic map, answer the following questions (34 points):
1. What is the general strike and dip of the outcrop of Silurian Conglomerate ¼ mile
south of Superstition? (5 points)
2. Using the information along line AB, what geologic structure exists below the town of
Gold Patch? (6 points)
3. What geologic structure exists between the towns of Gold Patch and Superstition
along the line CD? (6 points)
4. What geologic structure is found in the area surrounding the town of Rio Ville? (6 points)
5. What geologic principle is used in the arrangement of the geologic map key? (6 points)
6. What is the oldest rock unit on the map? (5 points)

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