geoiogy -Writing about Geologic Processes Du

Writing about Geologic Processes Due: Thursday, Sept. 24th 12:00pm

Understanding and communicating geologic processes is an integral part of your geologic education: How do oil and gas form? How does groundwater transport contaminants? This assignment will give you practice writing about geologic processes.

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Assignment: Write a ½-1 page (single spaced) description of one of the geologic processes listed below. Assume that your audience includes students who are currently enrolled in Physical Geology. You should introduce the geologic and scientific context of the process (where does it happen, under what conditions, why is it important) and then describe the process, including all the steps in the process and major results.

Your process description will be graded based on the accuracy, organization, clarity, and flow of your description, as well as word usage, grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. Make sure each of paragraphs says and does something within your summary. Each of the sentences should relate directly to the main topic of the paragraph.

You may use your textbooks or online resources to learn more about these processes, but the description MUST be written completely in your own words. If you use sources other than your own understanding or classnotes, you need to acknowledge those sources at the bottom of your process description.


Generation of oil and gas deposits

Formation and metasomatism of basalt at mid ocean ridges

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