Description of Assignment: Select an object you have seen *

Description of Assignment: Select an object you have seen during a field trip ( Hunterian Museum London) or have read about in class and write 800 words explaining what the object tells us about the history of medicine. An object lesson is a close examination of a historical object which results in a detailed written work informing the reader about its importance. It contains the following aspects: a) A detailed description of its purpose b) Historical information about its design, c) How it was used and by whom d) The historical significance of the object e) An explanation of how it represents the social and cultural environment of the time. An object can be a medical instrument, a historical document, a film, a piece of art, or a decorative ornament. Grading Criteria (what constitutes a good assignment?): In assessing the object lesson Katherine will be looking for: a) A clear image of the object provided alongside the written work b) A description of its purpose and how it was used and by whom c) Accurate historical information about its design and appearance d) A clear effort to situate it in its time with detailed references to the social and cultural environment of the time e) Adherence to the word count f) Clarity of expression and writing style g) Clear and consistent presentation Evaluation Criteria Criterion 1 Task achievement The object lesson is fully supported with historical and observational evidence throughout. The object lesson gives full consideration to all the aspects listed above. Criterion 2 Coherence and cohesion The object lesson is logically structured and includes all the aspects listed above. The introduction places the object in context and provides a description of the most important aesthetic elements. The written work is organised into paragraphs, which have topic sentences corresponding to the aspects listed above. Appropriate use is made of cohesive devices and the object lesson is easy to read. Criterion 3 Research and referencing The object lesson makes use of appropriate historical information and observations. Historical sources are paraphrased and selected quotations integrated into the essay where possible. Criterion 4 Presentation, grammar and lexis The object lesson contains minor errors of grammar and/or lexis.

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