CSU: ES 1010 Earth Science UNIT VI ASSESSMENT March 2016

Question 1

2 out of 2 points

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The most important process of cloud
formation in the atmosphere is __________.

Question 2

2 out of 2 points

Even though ground-level ozone is a
health hazard, the ozone layer in the stratosphere is a health benefit
because __________.

https://online.columbiasouthern.edu/images/ci/icons/generic_updown.gifQuestion 3

2 out of 2 points

The tops of tall mountains are much
colder than surrounding lowlands. This is evidence of __________.

https://online.columbiasouthern.edu/images/ci/icons/generic_updown.gifQuestion 4

2 out of 2 points

A 1-kilogram parcel of air is at 35°C
and contains 7 grams of water vapor. What is the relative humidity?


https://online.columbiasouthern.edu/images/ci/icons/generic_updown.gifQuestion 5

2 out of 2 points

If it was December and you wanted to
travel to “the land of the midnight Sun,” where would you have to

https://online.columbiasouthern.edu/images/ci/icons/generic_updown.gifQuestion 6

14 out of 14 points

Match the term with the correct



The process by which water vapor
changes directly to a solid


The process by which water vapor
changes to a liquid


This process results in the
absorption of about 80 calories of latent heat per gram of water


The general term for the amount of
water vapor in the air

Vapor pressure

The part of the total atmospheric
pressure that can be attributed to the water-vapor content

Dew point

The temperature at which
saturation occurs

Absolute instability

The results of a situation where
the environmental lapse rate is greater than the dry adiabatic rate (This
occurs when air near the ground is significantly warmer (less dense) than
the air aloft)

https://online.columbiasouthern.edu/images/ci/icons/generic_updown.gifQuestion 7

14 out of 14 points

Match the term with the correct




A mixture of many discrete gases,
including water vapor, as well as variable components like dust and small
liquid droplets

Environmental lapse rate

The change in temperature over
changes in altitude in the atmosphere


The state of the atmosphere at a
particular time and place


A package of instruments attached
to a balloon


Liquid droplets or solid particles
in the atomsphere


Three oxygen atoms in one molecule


A generalization of the weather
conditions that is typical of a place

https://online.columbiasouthern.edu/images/ci/icons/generic_updown.gifQuestion 8

Needs Grading

Examine the figures below. Contrast
the role the greenhouse effect plays in the atmospheres of (a) the Moon, (b)
Earth, and (c) Venus.


https://online.columbiasouthern.edu/images/ci/icons/generic_updown.gifQuestion 9

Needs Grading

Examine the graph below. In your own
words, describe why we see a seasonal difference in CO2 concentration in the


https://online.columbiasouthern.edu/images/ci/icons/generic_updown.gifQuestion 10

Needs Grading

Compare and contrast weather and
climate and how the atmosphere affects both.

https://online.columbiasouthern.edu/images/ci/icons/generic_updown.gifQuestion 11

Needs Grading

In the picture below, explain why the
balloons are rising in terms of atmospheric stability. What effect does water
vapor have on atmospheric stability?


https://online.columbiasouthern.edu/images/ci/icons/generic_updown.gifQuestion 12

Needs Grading

Explain how clouds form. Why is the
vertical movement of air critical to the formation of clouds and
precipitation? What role do adiabatic temperature changes play in these
processes? (Hint: What happens to air pressure with increasing elevation?)

Your response should be at least 200 words in length.

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