Code of Ethics Assignment Requirements

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Code of Ethics Assignment Requirements

The Ethics Project – Code of Conduct will require you to develop a Code of Ethics for Isaiah 117.  The background and assignment particulars are provided below:

To begin, develop and understanding of the client organization – Isaiah 117.
Isaiah 117 House provides physical and emotional support in a safe and loving home for children awaiting foster care placement.  Before beginning the Ethics- Code of Conduct Project, I strongly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the organization by reviewing the website located at:

Isaiah 117 House Website (Links to an external site.)
In particular, please note the different types of assistance offered between child removal and placement as well as number of locations available for aid and support.  Additional information on Isaiah 117 is available through relevant news articles including the links below:

“Chambliss Center for Children Announces Partnership with Isaiah House 117” (Links to an external site.) 

” Isaiah 117 House, which eases the transition for foster kids, is coming to East Tennessee” Knox News Article: 8/12/20 (Links to an external site.)

“Isaiah 117 Houses” give kids a place to go while they wait for foster care” WBIR 2/6/20 (Links to an external site.)

 (Links to an external site.)”Isaiah 117 House to Expand Mission of Helping Foster Kids” US News 4/14/19 (Links to an external site.)

After you have developed an understanding of the Isaiah 117 organizational mission and activities, consider the requirements of a well-defined Code of Ethics.   
A Code of Ethics provides the opportunity for an entity to formally declare the principles that will be used to guide organizational decisions and operations.  In a nonprofit setting, the Code of Ethics provides all stakeholders with a statement of the organization’s values that will be used to guide activities.

Look at samples for additional guidance:
The link below provides a more detailed description of a Code of Ethics along with sample and additional resources.  Please use these materials to better identify the spirit and format of your deliverable.  If you have questions, please let me know. 

Sample Code of Ethics from SHRM (Links to an external site.)

Sample AFP Code of Ethics (Links to an external site.)

Academy of Management Code of Ethics (Links to an external site.)

Grading Parameters (100 possible points)
The Code of Ethics effectively incorporates Isaiah 117’s mission and objectives (20 possible points)
The Code of Ethics fully addresses ethical issues relevant to Isaiah 117’s stakeholders (20 possible points)
The Code of Ethics is user-friendly and appropriate for audience (20 possible points)
The Code of Ethics has an appropriate format and structure (20 possible points)
The Code of Ethics is free of grammatical or punctuation errors (20 possible points)

Your assignment is to develop and submit a Code of Ethics for Isaiah 117.

Additional Tips for Student Success:
* We do not have a specific word count for this assignment.  However, most Codes of this nature range between 1,000 and 1,500 words.  If you find yourself significantly under or over these thresholds, you may want to make sure you are on the correct path.
* Do not fill your code of conduct with legal jargon.  An effective code should use clear, active language with short sentences.
* The organization and layout should be attractive with sufficient white space.  Headers, bullet points, and different font sizes can be inviting (but not too much????).  Do not create a code that looks like a legal document.
* Do not attempt to cover every possible ethical issue.  Focus on the issues of highest importance for Isaiah 117.  The sample Codes should help provide assistance in this area.
* Do not cut and paste Code sections from an existing organization or any other existing document.  If uncited, this is plagiarism.  If cited, this does not meet the assignment requirements.



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