AH23 – How did the Supreme Court cases of 1883

AH23 M1

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The Assignment for Module 1 includes two short-answer question. Each answer will be worth 5 points and should be about 2 paragraphs in length. Base your answers on the information presented in the Historical Reality & Historical Memory Sway lesson. Do not use outside sources. Be sure to use specific examples included in our lesson (including the assigned readings and videos). Answer the questions in your own words. 

1) How did the Supreme Court cases of 1883 (Civil Rights Cases) and 1896 (Plessy v. Ferguson) allow for the rise of the Jim Crow South with its legal racial discrimination and segregation? Discuss John Marshall Harlan’s reasoning in his dissents for each case. (In other words, why did Harlan disagree with the majority? Why did he see both majority decisions as constitutionally wrong?) 

2) In the Florida Humanities Council video, Professor Revels and Professor Taylor discuss the Lost Cause myth and the way it rewrote history. Based on their discussion, explain what the Lost Cause myth was and why the South felt the need to create it. How do we know that it was a myth? 

Requirements: Formatting: 12-point font, Times New Roman, double-spaced, one-inch margins. Points will be deducted if not formatted correctly. 

Length: Two paragraphs for each question. Each paragraph should be at least six sentences long. Points will be deducted if sentences appear to have been intentionally shortened to meet the required number of sentences. 

Editing: Be sure to proofread your answer and use spellcheck before submitting. Points will be deducted for not doing so. Plagiarism: Plagiarism of any kind will result in automatic failure. Use of outside sources counts as plagiarism.

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