1. Explain the development of colonial Virginia.

In-class essay

questions are not designed to be mutually exclusive; that is, information used
in answering one question might also be used in answering another. Also please
remember that you need to:

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  • be
    specific and thorough;
  • provide
    as many examples as you can;
    the evidence; many people lose valuable points by not explaining things
    and by not telling the reader why they were so important (ask yourself,
    “so what?”)
  • provide
    some sort of context;
  • use
    paragraphs (which will help you structure your essay);
  • write
    at least a brief conclusion.


Explain the development of colonial Virginia. Why did English colonists
come to Virginia and what early struggles did they face? What proved to be
their economic salvation, and what kind of problems did this cause in turn? Why
did Virginians eventually decide to abandon indentured servants and introduce
large numbers of slaves? Use the lectures, Give
Me Liberty
, and the CVessay
“Revolt on the Virginia Frontier: Nathaniel Bacon and William Berkeley” to
write a complete answer.

2. Explain the growth and development of
Puritan Massachusetts. Who were the Puritans and the Seperatists? Why did they
come to the new world? How did they attempt to ensure the growth of a religious
society? How did these factors influence their perceptions of government? What
challenges did their system face? Use the lectures and the Give Me Liberty to write a complete answer?

Over time Americans increasingly insisted that they be allowed to govern
themselves (the habit of self-rule). Discuss the influence of the events in
England during the 1600s, John Locke’s Treatises
on Government
, English policies of salutary neglect, the Great Awakening,
and the differences between British and American views of colonial government. Use the lectures and the Give Me Liberty to write a complete answer.

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